Sunday, October 31, 2010


I write about Godzilla a lot here, 37 times at least already.  and yet I've been pretty quiet about the alleged new Legendary Pictures remake coming out in 2012.  and that's because I'm not very impressed with the movies they've made.

except for The Hangover.

and the last thing I want to read about during the ad campaign is how all the previous Japanese Godzilla movies had bad actors and bad effects and bad stories (remember how all the morons said that about 10 Star Trek movies after the remake was released?  yeah, 40 years of tv show and movies that sucked made it so popular.

I remain unconvinced that this movie won't be just as non-Godzilla like as the piece of film made in 1998.  and let's do away with the term "reboot" as it just means "remake".

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