Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doom Patrol, v. 2

yes, more about the Doom Patrol.

I read my first comic about them as a reprint (issue 122), their first battle with the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.  he was part dinosaur on the cover.  combine that with a team I'd never seen before and anyone surprised I bought it?

I bought the issue again, the reprint, that is, as it holds sentimental value for me.

I had no idea about any of these heroes, nor that it had been about five years since new adventures had been created.

anyway, I bought the first Showcase of the DP, and it's good, but they really get going in this second and last set of stories. 

there are loads of continued plotlines, but they don't take over the main stories, which is a real plus.  I would like to read the Flash/DP team up, that sounds pretty cool.  this is a highly unusual DC book though, as it's far more like a Marvel at the time (though falling flat on it's face with words like "kookie" and "freakniks" and the like). 

I'm really enjoying it.

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