Monday, November 8, 2010

a musical question-

most rock bands have a similar line up- singer, one or two guitarists, bass player, drums.  some add keyboards, sax or even a second drummer.  but usually those are the roles in the bands.

it's always more interesting when there is more than one lead singer within the group.  I can think of a few that ALL the members sing songs-
  • the Beatles
  • Kiss
  • the Bangles
  • the Eagles
  • the Runaways  
and a few that have/had at least two singers-
  • the Romantics
  • Night Ranger
  • the Cars
  • the Who
can anyone else think of bands with two or more vocalists that consistently shared duties?  this doesn't count purely vocal groups, of course.


Professor Fester's School Of Festology said...

a few off the top of my head...
CROSBY STILLS NASH AND YOUNG (can't believe you didn't think of them!)

the NUNS (Alejandro Escovedo, Jennifer Miro)

FLYING BURRITTO BROTHERS (gram parsons,chris hillman)

FLIPPER (will shatter, bruce loose)

X (john doe, exene xervenka)

STYX (dennis deyoung,tommy shaw,james young)

GENISIS (peter gabriel,phil collins)

crap...this list could go on and on.....

Xenorama said...

re: CSN&Y, I guess I always think of them as more vocal than "a band", because then you could include Peter, Paul and Mary as well.

and I can't believe I forgot X, of all groups.

did Phil and Peter ever alternate vocals when they were in Genesis?

perhaps I should have asked about bands where ALL members sang, lol!

Don Moore said...

A few other bands are Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Jefferson Airplane, Kings X, Styx and Cream.

C. Elam said...

I was going to mention Fleetwood Mac as well. I'm surprised you didn't think of them when composing the post, considering I know you like Stevie Nicks!

But yes, Fleetwood Mac had three alternating vocalists (Buckingham, Nicks, Christine McVie) at one time. They also alternated at other points, with Peter Green and Bob Welch being the most famous other vocalists.

As for Genesis, I can't imagine there was much trade-off prior to Gabriel departing. I mean, he was considered the center of the band until he left it, right?

Since they are two of my favorite bands, I'll throw in mentions of Devo and Blue Oyster Cult. Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale split duties all the time in Devo, and Bob Mothersabaugh has done vocals at times, too (most memorably on "Secret Agent Man").

As for BOC, though Eric Bloom is considered the lead singer, their two highest charting songs are sung by Donald Roeser, a.k.a. Buck Dharma. And Albert Bouchard sang too ("Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll").

C. Elam said...

Oh, and Steely Dan of all bands alternated vocalists in their early days. I think they still did after becoming exclusively Becker and Fagen as "Steely Dan", through bringing other performers into the studio.

Xenorama said...

yeah, I thought of Fleetwood Mac later tonight.

the B-52's as well, and ABBA even let the boys sing on occasion.

Sha Na Na had multiple vocalists.

Danny Coffin said...

Despite all the put-downs calling them ''The Pre-Fab Four''(in my view they compare favorably with any of their peers), The Monkees often alternated between Davey Jones&Mickey Dolenz on lead vocals...