Friday, December 24, 2010

Dragnet s. 2

the second season of the show is more of the same as the first season.  more cases solved, more villains put in jail, lots of intense and sincere monologues by Sgt Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and many comic moments provided by Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan).

the main attraction of the show to me is the camaraderie between the two leads.  they are friends and good detectives, and sincerely believe in what they are doing.  Morgan hasWebb on the edge of laughter in many episodes, much of which was unscripted.

what is also interesting is that Webb, while Friday comes across as very law and order, he also is caring and goes case by case.  it's an interesting slice of life in 1968 LA.  it's a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.


C. Elam said...

There have been several things I've watched (looking at YOU, Astro-Zombies) where I found the glimpse into the time period more compelling than anything going on during the plot.

Xenorama said...

fortunately Dragnet only runs about 25 minutes, so it's a lot easier to take.

Webb sure pushes the La Brea tar pits, there's been at least three mentions per season!

Danny Coffin said...

There was far more indeed to the character of Det.Joe Friday than ''Just the facts,ma'am''(which the producers of the mid-80's ''DRAGNET'' feature film seemed not to notice,though to be fair Dan Aykroyd was playing the nephew of Webb's character so his character could've been guilty of emulation-through-hero-worship...)