Saturday, December 11, 2010

FF intro

still the best version of the FF so far.

20 episodes of Marvel goodness.  funny thing is, since they licensed Namor, the Sub-mariner to Gantry-Lawrence, they couldn't use him in a few stories, so they made up a couple different villains.  however, Dr. Doom was used by both companies.  guess they either didn't notice or care at the time.

there is also a version of the intro with a voiceover explaining the powers of our heroes.  I think it was used for HB's "World of Super Adventure".  boy I wish that show had aired in Colorado...


Danny Coffin said...

I would LOVE to see this series on DVD!This toon boasted the single greatest voice portrayal of Ben courtesy of the late,great Paul Frees(not taking anything away from Chuck McCann's version from the 90's FF toon,but I just feel that Frees pretty much nailed what makes Ben...Ben.)I never got to see the Hanna-Barbera FF until the mid-70's;before that I'd come up with my own idea of what Ben would sound like:a weird combination of Archie Bunker&Oscar The Grouch(&also felt The Hulk would sound like Cookie Monster.Hey,I was a kid...;) )

Xenorama said...

I actually did like the voice for Ben in the mostly lame 70s cartoon version as well, but you are correct, no one has topped Frees yet.

this would have been a prime DVD set when they released the two new live action movies, I'd think.