Friday, December 31, 2010

my 2010

I liked 2010 for the most part.  sure, there were some downs, but overall it was pretty good.  since I'm not clever enough to think of cool titles and such, I'm just going to run down the year by the cool stuff that happened in each month.

  • January- well, this was an important month, as I began my reffing career with San Diego Roller Derby! see what happens when you watch L.A. Ink? I also got my tiger tattoo this month.
  • February- got the tiger tattoo filled in, second Starlettes bout, after party at Victor's leads to my first experience with texting when not exactly sober.
  • March- hmm... I am sure something happened here, but nothing comes to mind at this point.
  • April- Amazon Birthday Lunch.  I also moved into a much nicer place.
  • May- I go to the dinosaur exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Natural History (thanks Becca!).
  •  June- the Rockettes first bout ends in a victory and a broken leg for it's captain, Juno Escarme. she's back on skates now.
  • July- the Del Mar Fair for the third year in a row, minus some of the comedy entertainment from the third party.  still, tater tots are the food of the gods. oh yeah, I think I spent some time at the media circus downtown.  hey, Ragone, where's my DVD I won?
  • August- I part ways with my former employers (losers all the way) and get my snake tattoo.  I also visit CO for the first time since last year.
  • September- I begin my career with Massage Heights, a much better company. Airie and I visit Julian and much fun was had.
  • October- was dress up month at derby practice.  that's all I'm gonna say about that.
  • November- I ref my first match for the Starlettes and it was way fun.  drove up to Newport Beach for Thanksgiving at the Chart House with Airie's family.
  • December- Airie and I have Xmas dinner at my godparents. they sing "The Mighty Hercules Theme Song" and quiz me about the Spider-man theme song.
 so yes, it's been a pretty great year.  thanks to all of my friends and family near and far who have helped make it so good.

I look forward to the new year as well with all that it holds.

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