Monday, December 20, 2010

The Secrets of Isis (1975)

this is one boring show.  I thought so when I saw it back in the 70s and I think so now.  Much like Shazam! there are no real superheroics to watch or supervillains to fight.

and what could be worse than that?  how about morals at the end of the show?  I can forgive a low budget show if it's exciting, but not if it's both dull and sanctimonious.

the cast is OK.  JoAnna Cameron is lovely to look at, and is a decent actor.  she sure smiles a lot, even in the "dangerous" bits.    she later showed up in a couple episodes of The Amazing Spider-Man, which was slightly more exciting.  the kids do alright, some are better than others, but that's par for the course.  it's the stories... stupid kid dares other stupid kid into doing something stupid... and runs into car thieves.

I remember being quite excited to see the crossovers with Captain Marvel, but even those were ho-hum.  this is very typical of most 70s superhero fair though, anything that might be exciting was excised as it might be "camp".  I guess boring can't be called that. is it still better now that it's not "rare"?


Danny Coffin said...

You'd figure Filmation would've followed the template they'd established with their DC Superhero cartoons from the 60's in terms of stprytelling with both ''SHAZAM!''&''ISIS''(though by the time both these shows debuted,parent groups would've had fits had the programs featured*GASP*heroes actually fighting villains;heck,even Spidey&The Hulk had to make do with comparatively mundane situations whilst on the small screen...)Man,seeing JoAnna Cameron in that Isis costume sure gets one's pulse racing,don't it?

Xenorama said...

she's a lot younger than I remembered. or perhaps she looked older in the Spider-man episodes she was in. she's got a great exotic look just right for the part. too bad they failed so miserably.