Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Southern Knights #6

in which we find out just how Aramis got suspended in time and space by his parents (this ties with a bunch of stuff in future issues) and his shock to find out he is now 250 years out of time.  Mark thinks he will adjust quickly because he is young.

I think Aramis is about 16 or 17, as his age is also an issue later on.

there's also fun with Kristin and Bryan about her painting paw prints on the drive way.  definitely a southern thing there!

then we have the assassins Carl and Larry and two other assassins who think they are pretty hot stuff.  they turn out to be not such great shakes in the trying to kill our heroes bit.  Carl and Larry actually do manage to put David (Electrode) into the hospital!  what a cliffhanger!

this is another step up, going from light hearted fun to deadly serious drama.  Chuck's art gets better as well.  good stuff!

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