Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Superboy and Krypto

The Adventures of Superboy (1966–1969) was a great cartoon I saw as part of the The New Adventures of Superman cartoon that Filmation blessed us with.  I got to see it a lot on visits to WV, on the great Channel 20, WDCA.  thank the gods for syndication!

anyway, it's a really fun show, and features Krypto, my favorite super-dog.  since he no longer exists as such in the DCU, I'm glad he was immortalized in cartoon.

oh yes, I did enjoy the Krypto the Superdog show for what it was.  it was nice to see Streaky and Ace the Bat-hound as well.

I seem to have digressed away from Superboy.  due to the lawsuits surrounding the character this cartoon may never get released on DVD.  the intro was a bonus on the Filmation Superman DVD set.

I think we need more of those released as well.


Alê do Escrivaninha said...

Saudades curti pacas esse desenho clássico aqui no Brasil.
Parabéns pela postagem.
Abraços e até aproxima.

Xenorama said...

thanks (I think, my Portuguese is a little rusty)!