Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the instant mash

"In the supermarket there is music while you work
It drives you crazy, sends you screaming for the door
Work there for a year or two and you can get to like it
I don't work in supermarkets anymore."

"The Instant Mash", Joe Jackson

I used to work in a supermarket.  spent five and a half long years there.  this was from 1984 to 1990, when all they played was crap Muzak versions of "soft rock" hits and oldies.  this only made working there less pleasant.

had I been older and more mature, I would have treated the place as "just a job" instead of getting caught up in personalities and struggles and drama.  live and learn, right?

these days, a person can go to a supermarket and here "Rock and Roll All Night" coming across the speakers.  this still astounds me. and these are the real versions of rock songs, hard rock songs. 

while I am glad that the horrid muzak is gone and hopefully never to return, I wonder what the older customers think of the new music.

by the way, "Look Sharp!" is one of the best pop albums of all time.  not a miss in the bunch.  do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't.  you won't be sorry.

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