Sunday, January 2, 2011

xeno goals for 2011

maybe this will help me keep on track with both the zine and the blog.  and all that other stuff included in "etc"!

  • obviously, the first goal is to get a new issue published.  that means bearing down and not wasting the time.  
  • I'd like to finish my overview of Avengers #101-#110, which was my first serious run on any title. plus there are two great story arcs to talk about!
  • obviously I'll be talking about various cartoons, including at least two different versions of Batman, the Avengers, and whatever else comes to my mind.
  • here's hoping my long delayed Marine Boy book can get done.  thankfully I did talk to the late Peter Fernandez (RIP) a few years ago.  I may publish it as a lengthy issue of Xenorama, I am not sure what just yet.
  • comic books and more comic books- the Southern Knights have several more issues to go.
  • I'd like to do some writing as well, perhaps.  fiction, I mean.  
so there's a few ideas.  should work just fine if I can focus up.

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