Monday, February 21, 2011

2. This Planet's Value

the second episode of Gokaiger is good as well, and has a nice sort of "cameo" in it, explaining how Captain Marvelous (wasn't this always the parody name for Captain Marvel?) got the keys for the other ranger teams.  and then there's the actor from Magiranger (good thing there are online places to find such things out showing up).

we get to see a lot of the toy, er, robot as well.  I know why it's there, but hopefully we don't have to see it every episode.  more fights are always better!

the story is not the same as Kamen Rider Decade, in that one hopes the sentai won't be battling each other constantly, and having the older teams "job" to the new one. 


C. Elam said...

I will be interested in seeing/hearing how this all plays out. Using Aka Red in this way is definitely a good idea, since he's a character that didn't really fit the main group they used.

I would be surprised if they had the teams fight it out, with the old-timers losing. For one, it would be just a straight retread of DECADE. It also feels like something that runs counter to the underlying themes of super sentai as a whole.

I haven't seen this episode yet, but in my experience, the overall screentime given to the mecha is actually not as much as you would think.

Xenorama said...

no, it's not a lot of time, but it is always at the end. there's a cool shot or two in here of miniatures that look great, far cooler than the cg.