Monday, February 7, 2011

The Batman

only ever watched one or two episodes of this show when it first aired.

here we have Bruce as "The" Batman, in his third year of crime fighting.  he's 26 now.

of course, the animation gives him the face of a 14 year old, which kind of throws one from the whole age thing, but at least it's just Bruce.

I've watched the first two episodes, featuring the redesigned and unimproved Joker The Joker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who does a good job) and Bane. I know the producers wanted to get away from the more classic designs from the comics and earlier cartoons, but I am unimpressed so far with the designs I've seen.  I do like the Batmobile though.

Alfred (voiced by Alastair Duncan) is great, as always.  so yeah, I gotta admit I like this one as well.  I'm almost afraid to watch the Teen Titans later...

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Cory Gross said...

Admittedly not being an old time fan of the Teen Titans comic, I actually liked the cartoon. I found it fun and accessible. But I also liked Legion of Superheroes and what I have seen of The Batman.