Friday, March 4, 2011

3. Turn Courage into Magic- for real! Go Heroically!

we get a plot about destroying the planet with earthquakes by the villains, which leads three of our heroes to go black then white.

are some people really complaining about the girls being in the various guys' costumes?  that's what they want to waste their time and energy on?  that's just... odd.

anyway, MagiRed,from  Maho Sentai Magiranger shows up to help Captain  Marvelous and Doc find out more about the various powers.

I've seen the first 13 episodes of MagiRanger, I liked it OK. the robots were a bit ridiculous, and that holds true here as well, as the Red Dragon combines with the Gokai-bot to turn into something completely preposterous.

and if you know anything about sentai robots, that's saying something!

but this is a good episode as well, and it's always a plus to see Big One back.  here's hoping Sokichi Banba actually shows up sometime...


C. Elam said...

The ridiculous "jokes" about Gokai Blue assuming the costume of Magi Blue (a girl) are the ones that get me. I suspect this will only get worse, as I've been told of someone not in the know complaining that Battle Kenya is "the black one". No, seriously.

I think I became immune to how ridiculous sentai robots are when KAKURANGER rolled out so many of them back in 1994-95.

Xenorama said...

really? what is the problem? it's just a freakin' costume. it's not like they are changing in to that person.

I'm more astounded by that than the amount of robots.