Monday, March 21, 2011

Darkseid Descending

yes, finally back to the Brave and the Bold!

in this fun episode the new Justice League (based on Justice League International) is formed, with many of the same characters as the comic book.  here we have J'onn showing off his love of cookies (though not the delicious Oreos from the comics).

he's not quite the same Martian Manhunter as we saw in the Justice League, but then this isn't the same cartoon.  I really enjoyed the first 30 or so  issues of Justice League.  I liked Kevin Maguire's artwork a lot, and Batman got to punch out Guy.  I've discussed that already! once it became a serious book it got less fun.

but here, it's still fun. Billy West is Skeets again, which is pretty much the only voice that should do the robot.  or whatever he is.

I was holding off on watching the rest of the series, as I thought it was over, but according to Wiki there's at least three more episodes being made.  which thrills me to no end!

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Cory Gross said...

JLI?!? OMG!! I grew up on that comic! I hold it responsible for making Booster Gold one of my favorite superheroes!

Must... watch... episode...