Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heroes from the East

possibly Lau Kar-Leung's best movie, this one is so much fun.  everything works in this movie completely.  there are so many martial arts styles on display here it's never boring.

it's also very non-traditional, as the Japanese aren't portrayed as subhuman villains.  they can't compete with Chinese styles, but then, they didn't make the movie!

part of this movie was used in "Fist of Legend", specifically the love between the Chinese and the Japanese.  good stuff in both movies.

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Danny Coffin said...

Always loved this movie!Pops' display of drunken boxing is one of the highlights for me.And in addition to the more enlightened portrayals of the Japanese characters,they were all actually played by Japanese actors/martial artists at a time when Kurata-san himself might well have been the ONLY Japanese actor appearing in any given Hong Kong-made film...