Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Go Kamen Rider! trailer

it's even subtitled in English!

I've enjoyed the last two Kamen Rider movies for the most part.  I haven't seen enough of Den-O to really decide much about it, but if they don't have our favorites selling moves to the current Rider then I'll be happy.

and there are the other guest stars as well!  wonder what this year's super sentai movie will look like now...

and looking at all the whiny comments on youtube about the movie already... fanboys upset that only kiddies will enjoy Kamen Rider... who do they think was the original audience anyway?

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C. Elam said...

Never underestimate the whining of fanboys, sir. They would complain if you gave them a million dollars tax-free.

And when were Japanese superhero shows not aimed at kids? I mean, successful ones that is.

I agree, this movie looks great.