Thursday, March 31, 2011

Megaloman a la Italia

this was the first way I ever saw the entire series of Megaloman.  as I wrote about it here, it's one of my favorite Japanese super hero shows.  this Italian song opening is very, but a bit cool.  not a patch on the original but what's gonna top that.

oddly enough, I couldn't find the Japanese intro on youtube.

glad the Italian one has been preserved here now.


Danny Coffin said...

This show is one of Toho's best(plus the fight choreo being built around kung fu made it quite unique at the time...)I still say a Justice League/Avengers-type team of Godman,Greenman,Jet Jaguar,Zone Fighter&Megaloman would RULE!

C. Elam said...

Remember when I did an entry on Red Tiger? My original intent was to do one on the Japanese version of Megaloman, but I couldn't find the original opening either. It USED to be on Youtube, but I think the account that had it was suspended when Toei cracked down on their stuff being online.

And before someone reminds me, yes, Megaloman is Toho, not Toei. What I mean is that plenty of non-Toei material also got swept away when Toei had their shows removed.