Saturday, March 26, 2011

Superman vs Batman

it's about time Superman shows up on "The Brave and the Bold". he showed up in the background  early on,  but this time we get a full team up fight episode, as he is exposed to red K, and we all know what that does to him.

there was a conscious decision not to have him show up in the first two seasons, so perhaps we'll get Diana as well this season.  so awesome to have more episodes to look forward to!

and Lois is still Lois.  I like the way she looks, very classic and yet she still acts like Lois Classic.  yuck.  drop her, Batman.  thanks to Bat-Blog for showing me the clips!

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Danny Coffin said...

You know,I wouldn't mind seeing an ongoing ''WORLD'S FINEST'' toon series;it's ALWAYS good to see Supes&Bats together.