Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dinosaur article from the past

way back in the early 80s, this came along.  I've seen the skull many times at CU.  wonder if it's still there.

as exciting as seeing a Triceratops skull was, the prospect of seeing One Million Years, BC (1966) on the big screen was a much bigger draw.

however, after arriving at the college and getting to the classroom where the movie was showing, we were greeted with a professor (I think) dressed in a ridiculous dinosaur costume who proceeded to tell us we would be seeing One Million B.C. (1940).

what what what?  of course, we had to ask this loon about the movie change, we were told that he didn't want to show a "pop" movie and that this one had more realistic effects.  we should have punched him in his orange stomach right then, but we stayed and watched the disappointing movie.

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