Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Superman/Shazam: the Return of Black Adam

I still find it very funny that in winning their lawsuit against Fawcett Comcs, DC shot themselves in the foot.  talk about short sighted!

and now most people think the character's name is "Shazam".

anyway, this here cartoon is pretty fun, despite not quite being as whimsical as the original and best Captain Marvel.  Clark visits Billy Batson to do a story on him, and we get a short version of CM's origin.  and then Black Adam shows up and we get a three way battle. 

even Tawky Tawny appears!  sort of.

the rest of the DVD is shorts containing the Spectre, Green Arrow and Jonah Hex.  all are well done, and with different styles of animation.  it's also not for small kids.  the Hex one is the weakest of the bunch, but also the shortest. 

overall, it's very enjoyable, though not very lengthy.  I'd like to have seen a couple other toons to round out the disc to at least two hours.

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