Friday, June 10, 2011

Godzilla: the Series

the movie is awful. it's boring and overlong and full of cliches from other, better movies.

the cartoon series is actually pretty good. Netflix has the entire 40 episode series on instant viewing.  I think three or four of the episodes were never aired, for some reason or another.

I've watched the first four,  and they are better than I remember.  I thought Randy was the most useless character ever, analogous to "Pete" from the original cartoon series (more on that in a bit) but so far he's not nearly as annoying as I remembered him to be.  so there's a plus already!

the show really follows almost the exact same formula as it's cartoon predecessor, in that our heroes have a boat they take all over the world and "Godzilla" follows them around for whatever reason they can think of.  I don't remember if they have a call button later on, but NIGEL takes the place of Godzooky more or less. the monsters they find are all  "mutations" more or less, just enlarged animals, if I remember correctly.  not real monsters like they should be.

it's too bad the design is so not Godzilla. at least they added the atomic breath.  I know I hate cg tampering, but this is one time I wouldn't be adverse to seeing someone add a real cartoon Godzilla into this series.

oh, I'm going to hell for that.

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