Saturday, July 16, 2011

11. The Serious Rebellion

in which things actually start to get, well, serious.

ShinkenRed (Kaoru Shiba) comes along and demands the Shinken Keys back.  this leads to a duel with Joe, which is interrupted by the Zangyack headed to Earth.  Joe has some flashbacks to his training, which was pretty brutal.

Deratsueiger has shown up, and Walz Gil is now so confident that Earth will be taken over that he personally leads the away mission.  doesn't that fool know that's never a good idea to do?

we get ZyuRanger and Dynaman this time, an interesting combination, since those are really the first two sentai that ever got shown in the US.

our heroes finally figure out they should try to get to Walz Gil so they can end the battle- Deratsueiger is whipping on them pretty well.  mean while ShinkenRed is just standing by watching them battle, offering no help at all. 

I think I missed the part where it says the original sentai can't use their powers.  that makes sense though.

GokaiBlue confronts Barizorg, who of course turns out to be his old teacher, Senior Cid.  this leads to GokaiRed getting a serious slash wound on his back, but managing to injure Walz Gil, causing their retreat.  and then Joe goes off to confront his sempai...

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