Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12. The Guaranteed Showy Samurai

Joe (Gokai Blue) goes out to confront the cyborgized Cid, and that leads to the beatdown we all expected him to receive, as he tries to reason with Barizorg and make Cid return to life.

he gets a little depressed when it doesn't happen right away, or at all.

meanwhile, the rest of our heroes tend to Marvelous' wounds. he assures them Joe will be back once he is finished.  Walz Gil is upset with his wound, and sends Deratsueiger to destroy the pirates. 

since there are only four of them, we get quite the battle with the villains.  we see Ohranger, Denjiman, Abaranger and even more various sentai members around.

it's a great battle.  one of the good things about having to use a lot of cg for the robot battle is that there seems to be a lot less used for the hand to hand fights. there's some wirework, but overall, the fisticuffs rock.  and even our heroes in their human forms take on the baddies.  impressive.

there are a few flashbacks here and there with Marvelous and Joe, which fills in some more of the back story.  it's a nice touch.

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