Monday, August 15, 2011

8, The Lawless Monster Zone

the Science Patrol is sent to an island to find out what happened to an expedition.

they find four monsters- Red King, Chandlar, Magular and Pigmon, as well as the carnivorous Suflan plants.

this is a really good episode, with lots of monsters and action, plus a touching ending.  poor Pigmon just never has an easy time with other monsters at all.

I'm no huge fan of Red King, as he's a bully monster and an idiot to boot.  he can't do much of anything, at least not until he was revived in Ultraman Max where he got some decent powers.

this episode also features a pretty bloody and violent fight- Red King suffers a bite on the arm from Chandlar which oozes blood, and then he rips the arm right off Chandlar.  this section was cut from the US broadcast back in the day.  it's pretty interesting to think that Eiji Tsuburaya was against Godzilla bleeding but didn't seem to mind it on the little screen.

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