Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daredevil Special #3

I owned this reprint of Daredevil #16 and #17 in 1971.  I didn't quite understand all of it back then, and of course, read it to pieces.

it's the second meeting of Spider-man and Daredevil (the first one occurring in Spider-man #16 as well, coincidence?) as they fight and then team up to battle the Masked Marauder.

I always thought it was a Spider-man reprint, which made it hard to find, since it wasn't.  I hadn't thought John Romita was drawing Daredevil that early in the run of the book.

it's really a fun story, and the character moments are good.  Foggy Nelson plants the seeds of him being Daredevil in Karen Page's mind, which promptly makes Karen think Matt is envious of Foggy.  no one did superhero soap as well as Stan Lee back then!

the art is gorgeous, which really doesn't need to be said, since it is Romita drawing it.  here's the credits:

Sagacious Script By: Stan Lee
Phantasmagoric Pencilling [sic] By: Johnny Romita
Iconographic Inking By: Frankie Ray (Nee Giacoia)
Lachrymose Lettering By: Artie Simek

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