Thursday, August 25, 2011

Godzilla: the Series: final thoughts

the series lasted forty episodes, and had no real wrap up.  it's too bad, at least some kind of closure would have been nice.

I think a second season would have been fun, and it easily could have run another 20 episodes or so.  more of the "mutations" could return and some new ones as well. 

too bad they really never called them monsters.  "Godzilla" (ugh, I hate calling him that) did have a fun personality, which had he just looked a little bit like his namesake would have been really cool.  even his spines flashed when using whatever his breath happened to made of, as it never was stated, was it?

the human characters moved along nicely, and Mendel's liking of Elsie was nicely handled, though every time she decided she liked Craven she would forget by the next episode.  Nick and Audry was as useless here as it was in the movie, more or less.  Randy and Monique was interesting, but really, she wouldn't have much to do with him if they didn't work together.

the mutations were hit or miss, mostly trying to be of the realistic mode and sometimes over-designed with appendages- I mean, does a plesiosaur need six limbs?  no.

which three episodes were the ones never aired?  seems like the last three I hadn't seen, but then I don't remember many of them too well.

I don't think I'd buy a DVD set of the show though.

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