Monday, August 22, 2011

Justice League: Secret Origins

Batman is investigating some anomalies in the space defense grid in Metropolis and has some problems. Superman shows up to help out. eventually the rest of the superheros show up due to J'onn's telepathic call.

this first episode sets up the way the League comes together, and it essentially is the Justice League in The War of the Worlds.  and knowing the series creators it is completely intentional.

and as one can see by the alien machine, it pretty much removes all doubt. 

I was kind of bummed "my" Justice League wasn't the one being shown, but I got over that in a hurry. I understand all the marketing reasons for using Hawkgirl and John Stewart's Green Lantern, but I did miss Hal and the other classic versions.

what was pretty cool also was Batman knew who Hawkgirl was, establishing her as already being there on Earth, since we rarely saw "guest heroes" in the Superman and Batman shows.

and conversely it was neat that this is Diana's first time in the man's world. this three episodes kind of treat her as a wide eyed innocent, but I think this approach was dropped pretty quickly.

as far as origin stories go, it's good.  I can't believe Bruce could hide an huge satellite as a line item in Wayne Industries space budget, but it sure made a funny line.  he must be a multi-billionaire these days.

I didn't quite get to see all the series at once when it first aired, so I really enjoyed the DVD sets when they came out.  I see something new every time I watch the series. 

Batman is still pretending to be a loner.


Cory Gross said...

Billionaire? Billions are for suckers. Bruce has got to be a multi-trillionaire by now!

Xenorama said...

that could very well be, though if he funneled it through the Wayne Foundation he may not have to use his personal fortune.