Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quark (1977)

made to cash in on the Star Wars craze this show lasted a whole 8 episodes when it first aired back then.  I remember watching at least two episodes, but it seems like it got pre-empted quite a bit.

it then vanished from the airwaves, and became a legend amongst fans of the genre.

did I mention it was a spoof, a parody, a satire?

it's ranked highly among some fans, and for the longest time was only available on bootlegs.  now it has been released on DVD, and... well, it's well acted, and the effects are cool to see- gotta love miniature effects still. 

but the stories... i mean, these are not that funny.  they sort of play them straight, which helps, but then there's just general unfunniness abounding.  and it looks ever so 70s with some of the hairstyles.

there's cool ideas, like Ficus, the sentient plant/science officer, and I think I like him the most, but they fall into general sitcom silliness.  Richard Benjamin is a good actor, but he always reminds of me of his character in Love at First Bite (1979) who wasn't very heroic.  and in this, he sounds like Herb Tarlek.

It's not nearly as good as some people would have it seem.  and boy I hate laugh tracks.

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