Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Superman and Kryptonite!

I got this issue when it originally came out, back in April or so of 1970.  it's an all reprint issue, and as you might guess, all the stories feature kryptonite of some kind.  however, they missed one kind... can you tell from the cover?

I read this thing to pieces back then, literally, and about 15 years ago I finally found it at Comic Con.

the first story features white K, which I have not heard of since.  Perry White mysteriously gains superpowers after eating a strange fruit and turns into a superhero.  his powers are greater than Superman's, but anyone who has read that era's stories knows this is going to change.

the second story is a Superboy one, where he mysteriously exposes himself to a lot of green K.  the reason is very interesting and I wonder if it ever came to pass...

story three involves Quex-Ul and plot for revenge on Superman (being the son of Jor-El) and it introduces us to Gold K, which robs Kryptonians of their superpowers... forever!

in "The Invasion of the Super Ants" Superman uses a cosmic cloud of Red K to be able to communicate with giant ants from space.  this has some very memorable images in it, and is the story I remembered the most.

the final segment involves Jax-Ur being released from the Phantom Zone and using Jewel K to destroy Superman... forever!  he gets defeated, and would rather be a notorious criminal in the Phantom Zone rather than a hero on Earth.

it's a fun selection of stories, but it seems like only three varieties ever made it through to present day.  and perhaps they couldn't find a Blue K story that wasn't serious enough...


C. Elam said...

Green K and Red K get all the publicity, but all of them were still relevant until the mid-80s revamp. Not so sure about today.

Interestingly, White K's primary effects were that it killed plant life. I am not sure how that relates to the Perry White story, or if that was just an anomaly. I'd need to re-read it.

Yeah, if they were looking for non-comedy, that lets out most Blue K stories. Its introduction was fairly sober-minded (as these things go!), if memory serves, but it also would have been the "twist" ending.

Xenorama said...

oh, the white K is completely relevant to that Perry White "Master Man" story. what a name, anyway!

I think there's about three or four more kinds of K now.

the recent Red K in "The Brave and the Bold cartoon is used very well.

C. Elam said...

I figured it was, but I have no recollection if/how they reconcile the "kills plant life" with Super Perry. But it wouldn't surprise me if they do.

There were more even back in the day (X, Anti, etc.), but there is a table on Wikipedia and it depressed me at how extensive it was.

Xenorama said...

I know, I saw it as well.

the Master Man story is a doozy, though fortunately it all works out fine, plus it has Supergirl before Superman told the world about her.

what the heck was his reasoning there?