Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Destroy All Planets (1968)

this is my favorite Gamera movie, though Guiron is so close as to be tied for that position.  I have written about it before, here and here, so this time I'll just talk about two of my favorite things from the movie.

the first one of course is the villain, one of the smarter space aliens to try to conquer Earth- Viras.  he looks sneaky, if not quite evil.  they just want the Earth because of the large quantities of nitrogen in our atmosphere.  and like any advance race, they don't really seem to care about what would happen to the planet if they took it or moved in.  besides, tentacled space monsters are just cool.

the other really cool thing about this movie is the Viras space ship.  there's just nothing like it at all, really.  you'd never see something as groovy and non-threatening as this particular ship these days.  gotta love aliens that paint stripes on their conveyance!

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