Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Filmation's Original Ghostbusters

I have fond memories of the original 1975 The Ghost Busters live action series.  seeing it now it's cornball and hammy and full of vaudeville routines (or stuff that would have played) but it's fun and charming.  even the ghosts and vampires were fun.

naturally, after Ghostbusters was a big hit for Columbia in 1984, Filmation decided to redo their version for a new generation.  since they owned the rights to the name, it was easy, right?

well, Columbia had licensed the rights and made their own version which was enjoyable. they called this The Real Ghostbusters to avoid confusion, but I am sure there was some anyway.

so these are the sons of the original Ghost Busters, and the ape, Tracy, is still the same ape.  I want to like it, but after the first couple episodes it's pretty lame.  perhaps it gets better later one.  fortunately it's available for viewing on netflix so I don't have to rent the discs.

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