Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1

big fan of the series, but not enough to know every last detail about the lives of the characters- that's what Wiki is for, right?

anyway, the last book is one of the best wrap ups to a series I have ever read.  well, the last 1/3 of it, anyway.  the first chunk of the book, where the kids try to find and destroy the horcrux in the locket is dull and dreary, and the good spots don't quite overcome the "we are on the run and nothing good can happen" bits.  of course, that's what she wanted, but some judicious editing was much needed.

anyway, the movie is about the same.  the kids struggle to find a way to get rid of the One Ring, which makes them turn on each other.  oops, OK, so it's not the One Ring, but the similarities are easily seen.  I'll chalk it up to homage.

the three leads easily carry the movie, thank goodness.  there's just SO much of them.  a lot of reviewers wanted to see more of the rest of the cast, especially Snape.  which is so funny, since he was so hated before the final book revealed him to be the actual hero of the entire series, more or less.

and at least we get to see Harry hex Umbridge.  that was well worth it.  I am looking forward to seeing the final movie.

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