Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kiss thoughts

so I'm at the Aztecs football game, and afterward they have the "KGB Skyshow" which is a fun fireworks show set to rock music.  KGB is the station here that now plays "world class rock" which translates to "classic rock" which means they play the same songs (and a few more) that they have played for almost 40 years.

and they set all the fireworks to music I was very familiar with.  it was fun, but the best part was the very end, as they set it to "Rock and Roll All Night".

made me remember why I loved KISS so much in the first place, despite being rather put off with them as of late- the great music.  people can claim it was all about the make up and the show, but that never wrote a single note or played a guitar.  the four originals proved you don't have to be virtuosos on their respective instruments to be great, and they did it for nearly a decade.

yeah, they rock.

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