Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Queen of Blood (1966)

this is one of those movies Roger Corman cobbled together with Russian sci-fi movies.  those Russian movies had some really cool effects.

this movie has some really cool shots, but overall it's ever so talky.  it has to be Curtis Harrington providing what good stuff there is here.

the movie sends a ship to Mars, where they find a green blood drinking woman.  well, they don't know she drinks blood until they bring her into their spaceship.  she feeds on a scientist or two before they realize what she is, then they give her some blood from their store room.  why on Earth do they think this is a good idea?

she dies before they return to Earth, for no apparent reason.  of course, she left them a bunch of pulsating eggs that the scientists on Earth think will be a good thing to study...

you'd think the increased gravity on Earth would crush Martian eggs though.  this plot does sound vaguely familiar to me. ah yes, It! The Terror From Beyond Space is the one.

the Russian effects are really cool, but just can't compensate for all the talking that goes on and on and on and on...

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