Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek

this is a really fun book my mother read to my brother and me when we were kids.  there's a sequel- "The Shy Stegosaurus of Indian Springs" as well, but that hasn't been reprinted, and I'm not about to spend $30 for a used copy.

of course, this book is already OOP, so it's a bit rare now, and it's from 2001.

two kids meet a living breathing talking dinosaur.  he decides he likes the name "George" and they are off on an adventure involving some bandits.

George also knows all the scientific names for dinosaurs, which is kind of surprising to me now.  then, I am sure it didn't surprise me at all.

there was a cartoon adaption made of this book for CBS Storybreak, which I saw part of.  I can't seem to find a copy of it anywhere now.  I find this surprising, since J. Michael Straczynski wrote the screenplay for it back then.  I'd really like to see the entire episode now.

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