Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ultraman Tiga

I always thought this was a blue suit, because so many fans didn't like him looking more like Zone Fighter than the traditional Ultraman.  apparently it's violet though!
here he is firing his slow energy ball of death.  it's nice they kind of bulked up the red mode, so he does look like he's more powerful.  it's kind of a neat idea, having three different forms for an Ultra, but since it's designed to sell more toys it loses a few points that way.
the monsters are cool, and nice to see them not slimy like the popular ones over in the states.  they are practical and can move well enough.
nice action pose.  I'm watching the series again, and I haven't for several years.  so weird to think it's been released completely on R1 DVD.  most of the sets are pretty cheap, except for v. 3, which is weird as well.

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