Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Godzilla vs the Sea Monster trailer

well, it's a TV promo trailer for the US version, though it does identify the jumbo shrimp as "Ebirah" when it's not named at all in the US version. whoever made this spot obviously knew what the original "international" title was, as there is a reference to "horror of the deep" in there as well. and doesn't that sound like the man who dubbed "Captain Mura" from Ultraman as the narrator?

I can't guarantee it, but this probably came from a DVD I put together several years ago of all the promos and trailers I could find. it featured mostly Japanese genre stuff, but Infra-man was there, as was Reptilicus. those were mostly for fun.


CT Himes said...

Hello there!

If you indeed put together this trailer collection (which I use for many of my YouTube videos), I'd really like to thank you! I'd also like to credit you on my channel if that's OK. I've been searching for the person/persons that compiled all these rare trailers and clips, but I haven't had any luck until now.

Thanks again!

CT Himes (www.youtube.com/CTHimes)

Xenorama said...

you are Cody, right? from Monster Zero? and I did compile the trailers on one disc, but I got them from all over. you are welcome to credit me if you like, glad you enjoyed the trailers.


CT Himes said...

Yeah, that's me, though I haven't posted on Monster Zero in probably 2 years. I've been back a few times recently to check out some news on new Blu-Rays and DVDs, but I haven't posted at all. The only forum I still post at is the Classic Horror Film Board.

I'm going to go ahead and just credit you on my page, as most of my early uploads were from that trailer collection (and it's easier to just post something on my channel then go in and edit every video). Thanks again for making such a fantastic collection!


Xenorama said...

thanks again, glad you enjoyed it! I have a new version of the disc now, with proper chapters and all.