Friday, October 7, 2011

JL: Injustice For All

the Justice League puts Lex Luthor behind bars for his crimes.  they also discover he has a rare blood disease brought about by years of carrying a chunk of kryptonite around (something that happened in the comics as well).  Lex wants revenge, of course, since it's all Superman's fault. what a loser.
he enlists the Ultra-Humanite in his cause, and they escape.  I love this Ultra-Humanite.  he's witty and urbane.  Batman saves a small girl from the fire they cause as a decoy.  Batman continues his loner facade with Hawkgirl.  at least they do away with that sort of attitude later on.

 here is most of our Injustice Gang.  though I am not sure that's the actual name.  it's a pretty potent group. I'm pretty sure this Star Sapphire is not Carol Ferris though.  Copperhead was in it for a minute, but the rest are Shade, Cheetah and Solomon Grundy.  Grundy has a great scene calling Lex "Mr. Luthor" like his henchman Otis.
 and then you-know-who shows up to "help" out.  this really is the best version of the Joker ever, and that's all Mark Hamill.  who knew Luke Skywalker would be such a good voice actor?  not me, that's for sure!  the Joker and Lex have a great chemistry here.
 this is just to make some Bat-fans jealous.  I don't think we ever get to see him kiss Selina.
 this one is just for me.  anything destroying the Wonder Twins is OK in my book, and that's Hawkgirl doing it there. there are a lot of in jokes in the Museum to see, and I'm not familiar with all of them. 
Batman smiles a lot in these two episodes.  definitely one of the best of the first season.

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