Sunday, October 9, 2011

more Ultraman Powered

I stand by everything I wrote here, but finally finished the entire series (all 13 episodes) and have a few more thoughts.
the first thought it they actually improved the Pestar episode.  that's pretty impressive in and of itself.  of course, they completely ruined the Gomora episode, in  which nothing much happens. obviously they wanted the viewers to feel sorry for old Gomora, but it goes too far.

I don't even like the costume very much, and most people know how I love Gomora.  the fights are still lacking, but I do like most of the miniatures, though the lack of high speed photography hinders some of the scenes as well.

what I think would be good to do, would be to make one or two movies out of this series.  it could have a lot of monsters in 90 minutes, and that would make the fights seem a lot better.  they could do a "dinosaur" movie (Gomora, Red King, a couple others) and the Alien Invasion- Baltan, Z-Ton, DaDa, what have you.  add in some voice overs over the other monster footage and there you go.

some judicious editing and you've got two sellable movies.

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