Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ultraman 15: Terrifying Cosmic Rays

children get attached to the things they create.
they also make fun of their friends who's monster drawing ability is not quite up to everyone elses.  here we have the monster Gabadon, who is pretty cute in this stage.

one of the girls calls the boys idiots for now knowing who Beethoven was.  whoever drew this one should be an artist immediately.  that's a great drawing!  there are other monster drawings, here, from both earlier episodes- Red King- and even Ultra Q- Kanegon.  kids love monsters is another lesson here.
here's Gabadon after the strange rays from space brought him to life.  he doesn't do much, just sleeps a lot, but then he can barely move.  the Science Patrol blast him with missiles without provocation.  the kids then doodle Gabadon a more fierce body, but he still wants to sleep, mostly.
the children plead with Ultraman, who takes Gabadon into the Ultra Zone (which will be explored in a later episode).
he promises them they will be able to see Gabadon in the sky once a year.  pretty nice thing to do.  the kids return to drawing monsters in chalk in a pipeyard (the little vandals) with the Science Patrol's apparent blessing.  of course, in case the strange rays from space make other monsters come to life they should know about it!
this is another odd episode, whimsical would be a good term for it.  one feels sorry for Gabadon, and then who knows where those weird rays came from.  I don't think they were ever used again, not even in Mebius.

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