Monday, December 5, 2011

19. Demons Rise Again (悪魔はふたたび)

this is one of my favorite episodes.  someone, perhaps people from Mu, left a time capsule buried in the middle of Japan.  it causes a work delay when it's discovered and the Science Patrol is called in to investigate.  I'd never noticed the huge hole in the capsule before.

there is a "cypher" in the capsule, and it's taken to be translated along with the container with the blue liquid.  it's a cool looking script.
lightning breaks the canister with the red liquid in it, and out pops Banila, complete with a fire spitting weapon. it goes on a rampage, like all good monsters should.
right as the "cypher" is getting translated and the warning not to let the monsters out, the other scientists use artificial lightning and revive Aboras, who promptly goes on a rampage, headed toward Banila.
 we find out Aboras' weapon is a mist breath, which dissolves anything it touches in a rather gruesome way.
 the two monsters meet at the Olympic Stadium and battle it out.  I think the Olympics were held in Japan that year, or near that time.  it's a wonderful miniature, matching up almost exactly with the live action shots.
Banila is turned to jelly pretty quickly.  Aboras is a redressed Red King costume, but that's only apparent if you watch all the episodes in a row.  Ultraman is also blasted by the breath, does he melt?

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