Thursday, December 1, 2011

Godzilla week part 2

here are the weekly promos for Godzilla Week.  there wasn't one for "Terror of MechaGodzilla", since that was the Monday movie.

why they aired the sequel first is beyond me, but perhaps they didn't know it was a sequel.  the vagaries of television broadcasting always surprise me, but probably shouldn't.  I wonder if the TV Guide in Colorado had ads like this.  I don't remember though.

now, of course, Gamera does not appear in "Smog Monster" either, and if I'm not mistaken the picture for "King of the Monsters!" is actually from "Godzilla vs the Thing".  the first one is just weird, since they had materials for a Gamera week (we will see that at some point,  as soon as I can find the ads).  I can just hear some nerd (darn that one in the mirror) saying "I hope someone got fired for that mistake!".

extra points if you know the reference and so on.  most of us should by now, I think.  well, anyone knowing me should.

now this second page got everything right.  the monsters are from the correct movies.  heck, you even get a bit of Jet Jaguar's arm in there.  I wonder how edited some of these were.  when I saw "Megalon" in the theater in 76 it wasn't edited at all.  and all of these are just the right length for a two hour spot with no television cutting.

I wonder how kids watching the movies went from the four 70s Godzilla movies with the hero monster to the original, which has quite a different tone.  one would think that "Godzilla on Monster Island" would be the choice there, since it would fit right in.

gotta miss television like this, but then, with home video you can do it every day of the week now, every week of the year.  kind of loses some of the magic though.

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