Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998)

much like The Secret of Kells, this is a traditional 2D cartoon which looks completely non-traditional.  that's a big plus in this age of CG movies that all tend to have the same images, despite subject matter.

Kirikou is born, and begins to help his village in their struggle with the "mean and evil" sorceress Karaba.  this is a rather episode movie, as it goes through several adventures during the movie's 71 minute running time.  it's very funny and very touching as well as beautiful.

I watched the English dubbed version, which is really good.  the other language is French, and the voices match up really well.
there's a lot of incidental nudity in this movie, but it's all asexual.  which is understandable since it's set in pre-colonial Africa.  it's based on West African folk tales.  there is one sequel that has been made already, and another is in the works.  I'd like to see both of them.

Kirikou himself, being a few days old (possibly weeks by the end of the movie) is very funny. brave and naive all at once, he keeps a running dialog as the movie goes along.  he's made me laugh a lot.

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