Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red King is stupid

I've never been a huge fan of the skull monster, Red King. he always seemed like a bully and overrated, and defeated rather easily.

today's giant monster clip comes from the fun Ultraman Max show. Max used a lot of the original Ultra Monsters, but in another Universe, so they aren't quite the same.

Red King is still really not smart. hopefully the building was empty.


Igadevil said...

I think he literally is meant to be like the big dumb bully guy who's never as tough as he appears to be. Black King on the other hand...

Max has a strange sort of continuity. Most of the time it seems like it's in another universe, but the Metron-Seijin episode is a proper sequel to the original Seven episode, and I think Max turned up in the Ultra Galaxy movie along with everybody else from the regular M78 universe, so who knows. It was a great show though.

David McRobie said...

well, every Ultra has appeared in those Ultra Galaxy movies, so I think they are playing as fast and loose with their continuity now as the Riders are.

which is part of what makes them so much fun!

Igadevil said...

They did intentionally leave out a couple (Tiga, Gaia, Cosmos, Nexus) in the Mega Monsters Battle one, since they're all supposed to have been from different universes, and the version of Dyna that shows up is the original TV one (who traveled into a black hole back in his show, so now we know that he would up in the regular Ultraverse.) They did have Cosmos' actor in a cameo too, I think. So it was kind of interesting to see Max & Xenon there, even when most of the newer Ultras were left out.

Not that many people would even notice, with how many Ultra-guys are in that movie already!

Igadevil said...

Sorry, that should be "wound up in"!