Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Green Lantern... 30 minutes in...

well, the movie is decent so far, despite the over abundance of CG imagery.  which is to be expected in a movie like this, thought I would like to see something real here and there.  it starts out with narration of the Green Lantern Corp and how it was founded.  why bother?  just have Abin Sur show up with the ring and go from there.  have us find out along with Hal.

the title is nice, and comes up where it should at the beginning of the movie.  at least this one isn't over two hours long.
here we see the inside of Sur's ship.  the reason a GL is using a spaceship has been retconned what... like 30 times or so now?  we have already found out that the Parallax alien life force has been released.  hmm, imagine that.  why do they choose the lamest of foes to use in movies?
Abin looks pretty good- at least they didn't make him non-humanoid, which wouldn't have surprised me at all.  there's plenty of other GL's if they want to go that route.
I'm still surprised the Guardians would ever give a powerful ring to anyone named Sinestro.  I mean, I hate to typecast, but really, that's a name that's just gonna cause trouble.
Ryan Reynolds seems perfectly fine as Hal Jordan- he was always the ladies man in the comics, even the ones from the 60s.  the "origin" is handled pretty much as it was in the comics.  I do dislike the Oath being ready made for him, since he did invent it in the comics. 

still, I like the movie so far.  it's kind of fun.

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