Thursday, January 26, 2012

s-s-s-s-strange change!

this is one of my favorite toys of all time.  I had one growing up, though it was acquired second hand, and I only had about four or five of the cubes.  I didn't know there were supposed to be 16 cubes of creatures.

this was an incredible machine, which turned plastic cubes, or squares, into various prehistoric animals and some monsters, among other things.  go here for the complete story on how everything worked (except covering up burns so your parents wouldn't take the dangerous thing away from you).
the thing I found so puzzling is that they advertised dinosaurs, but you only got four prehistoric animals- the t rex, the pteranodon, the apatosaurus and a dimetrodon.  there were some regular critters, a snake, a scorpion, an octopus and a spider, and then some weirder ones, the web thing being the coolest.

I would have liked more dinosaurs.  ditch the bugs, the skeletons (fish and man), the robot and the other man-like beings and add more dinosaurs.  keep the snake and the octopus.

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