Saturday, March 17, 2012

Evil Brain from Outer Space (1964)

the first time I saw this evil mutant was in the rather anemic "It Came from Hollywood" (1982).  that movie deserves it's own entry sometime in the future.

the clips of Starman battling this mutant were attributed to Atomic Rulers of the World, but since I had seen that movie, I knew there was no battle in it.  so I was puzzled.  in fact, even on wiki it's still attributed to that movie instead of the proper one, Evil Brain from Outer Spaceit would be several years before I finally got to see this movie.

it sure is weird.  action packed, but weird.  partly that's because it's made of three different  Super Giant movies.  why Walter Manley Enterprises did that is beyond me, but it's very entertaining nonetheless.

this is another one I wish I had seen as a kid, as I would have just gone crazy about it, especially with atomic witches and mutants with deadly claws.  what could be better than that?

how about an evil brain trying to take over the universe?  Balazar is so bad he knew how to survive his own assassination.  now that is one smart Brain.  I wonder if the Brain ever saw his intergalactic counterpart.

and this was what we were all waiting for, the climatic battle between our hero and the mutant.  it's a good battle, with Starman having to watch out for the claws.  the narrator informed the viewers just how deadly they were, even able to hurt a creature made "of the strongest steel".

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