Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brave and the Bold, season two part one

wow I miss complete season releases.

having said that, I love the smaller price tag on the half sets.  so it's a mixture of feelings I have.  I love this show, and will buy them regardless.  at least they are not doing the 4-5 episodes per disc they did with many other cartoon series (JLA, Batman, Legion of Superheroes, Young Justice).  I'd think people  would see through that marketing scam right away.

I guess it's for parents who buy them for their kids and don't care if they never see the entire series.  can't fathom that mentality!

(that's mostly a joke.)

so here we have the next 12 episodes for this awesome series.  I haven't seen all of the episodes in some time, maybe two years, but oddly enough, I remember most of them pretty well. the middle of the first disc sets up the Starro story, which will continue for the rest of the season, if memory serves.

I'm so happy the Metal men are finally animated, and seeing the Challengers as a cartoon.. man, what a great thing Hanna-Barbera passed up. that would have been one cool cartoon in 1967.

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