Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ultraman 22. Overthrow the Surface

Hayata gets orders to go with Anne Moheim to Paris.  it's a big honor, and the gang is very happy for him.  this is another Jissogi episode, and it's full of weird angles, shots and in camera effects, and they all work really well.

unfortunately, not all is as it appears.  after Hayata and Anne leave, Ito keeps seeing Anne in Tokyo in various places.  strong magnetic disturbances disrupt phone lines all over the world.
the monster Telesdon (not named in the English dubbed) shows up.  great entrance from underground, and we get a lot of city destruction in this episode.  Telesdon is a great design, simple and powerful, and very menacing looking.
he also breathes fire.  the Science Patrol and the armed forces spring into action.
 I think they cause as much damage as the monster.
the underground humans attempt to brainwash Hayata so they can use Ultraman as another force of destruction.  this makes me think they thought Hayata and Ultraman were the same being, which leads them to destruction.
 Ultraman battles Telesdon, but does not destroy him. 
finally, the real Anne shows up, and she and Hayata head off to Paris.  this is a good episode.

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